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Manual Hospital beds

A standard hospital bed is a bed having special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of care givers. They come in different models and can be basically divided into two categories SEMI FOWLER and FULL FOWLER bed. In a semi fowler bed there is an option for back raise using a handle from the foot end while in a full fowler bed there is an option for back raise as well as leg raise using two separate handles.

Electric Hospital beds

Electric hospital beds are operated by a hand held remote which makes it easy for the patient to operate all the functions of the bed without any external help. They come in single , double , three function and five function varities. A three function electric bed has the option of adjustable height along with back raise and leg raise. A five function electric bed is a full utility hospital bed used in ICU and has two sdditional functions of trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.

Semi-Electrical Hospital Beds

Semi-electric hospital beds are designed for use in hospitals, other care facilities & for in-home use. They are likely to be larger than conventional beds, & feature wheels for mobility. Steady metal frames are adjustable in height, with different sections powered for customizable comfort & accessibility. They are topped with especially designed hospital mattresses of various structures.

Full Electrical Hospital Beds

A Full Electric Hospital Bed is a large, specially designed hospital bed built on a strong, metal, and motorized adjustable-height bed frame that allows the head, knee & foot segments to be adjusted, as well as allows the entire bed to be lowered or raised by the touch of an easy-to-use handheld electronic control, which results in an anatomically correct sleep surface for each unique user.

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